Festivities and traditions


Panellet de la Parròquai ©Blai Vanyó

Parish panellet offering (3rd January): mass and blessing of the panellet cakes.

Cavalcada Reis ©Blai Vanyó

Epiphany parade (5th January): arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bocairent.

Festa Sant Antoni Abat ©Blai Vanyó

Saint Anthony the Abbot (Saturday closest to 17th January): the fiesta starts on Friday with the lighting of a bonfire, and on the Saturday continues in the chapel with a mass and blessing of bread and animals. On 17thJanuary at 5pm a ray of sunlight illuminates the face of the saint’s image.


Festivities of Moors and Christians in honour of Saint Blaise

(first weekend in February): Bocairent honours its patron saint during 6 days of fiestas.

Events prior to the fiestas in honour of Saint Blaise (on different Sundays in January): acts of homage to the troupe captains, the Publication, the Acapte Collection, and the Comptes Accounts.

Missa del Ciri ©Maria Reig

Novena of Saint Blaise (23rd to 31st January): every night a troupe celebrates the Night of the Candle with a mass when the members of the troupe sing the praises of Saint Blaise from the altar.

Nit de Caixes @Esteve Castelló

The Caixes Drums (Friday): the members of the troupes wear their traditional Bocairent blankets, while playing drums and carrying Chinese lanterns around the most characteristic streets of the town in a display of great tumult and ebullience in celebration of Saint Blaise being the patron saint since 1632.

Entrada Moros i Cristians @Esteve Castelló

The Entrance (Saturday): gives the fiesta a splash of colour. The Christian troupes begin the parade with their cheerful double marches, which conclude around nightfall when the processions of the Moorish troupes take over with their slow and moving marches.

Processó de Sant Blai ©Esteve Castelló

Saint Blaise Day (Sunday): at eight in the morning the reveille is performed, and at twelve the church fills with practitioners and festival-goers for the main mass. One of the most emblematic acts occurs during the Saint Blaise Day procession when the reliquary arrives in the main square, along with the banner and the statue of Saint Blaise. This is the high point of the day; the bells begin to toll as the lights are turned off, and in unison everyone cries out “Long live our patron Saint Blaise” whilst a shower of confetti rains down on the saint’s statue.

Embaixades Moros i Cristians ©Esteve Castelló

Moors and Christians Day (Monday): the embassies represent the negotiations over the capitulation, of one side and then the other, during the theatrical mock battles preformed to conquer the castle. The day is full of explosions that come from the blunderbusses and canons which are let off around the town’s streets and squares.

Dia del Sant Crist ©Esteve Castelló

Holy Christ Day (Tuesday): the festival-goers and musicians form a procession going up to the Holy Christ Chapel, transforming the ‘way of the cross’ into a river of colours. Following the mass in the chapel the act of the ‘divestment of the Moor’ takes place.

Eixabegó (Wednesday): a mass is celebrated for those deceased festival-goers no longer with us.

Ash Wednesday (varying). This marks the start of Lent.

Celebration in honour of the Blessed Sister Piedad de la Cruz26th February.


Panellet cakes of the Espanyolets Troupe (3rd March) and the Granaders Troupe (3rd April).

Lent: during the forty days of Lent many practitioners climb ‘the way of the cross’ to visit the Holy Christ Chapel. On one Friday in Lent, mass is celebrated in the chapel. In the Supper of Hunger funds are raised to help the needy. Lent finishes on Palm Sunday with the blessing of the palms.

Saint Joseph: 19th March

Holy Week: Good Friday Via Crucis, Holy Offices and the Procession to the Holy Burial.

Divendres Sant ©Blai Vanyó

Pas de l’Hort Passion Play

The passion play takes place once every five years during Holy Week, and consists of two acts: Palm Sunday and Good Friday. A large number of local inhabitants from Bocairent participate in the play along with members of the Arcà theatre group. The Pas de l’Hort Passion Play is performed at open air locations such as the monastery garden or the bullring.

Easter Resurrection: during the Night of Glory children announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ by dragging cans and hubcaps attached to strings behind them. On Easter Sunday children and youngsters go to the old threshing areas to eat traditional Easter cakes and play chase, hide and seek and other traditional games with skipping ropes.

Procession of the Communion (second Sunday in Easter): the Parish and local authorities celebrate communion with those people unable to leave their homes.

Saint Vincent Ferrer (second Monday in Easter): a procession and mass in the Valencian language is held in honour of the saint.

Processó Sant Vicent ©JosepM


Festa Sant Jaume ©Blai Vanyó
Missa Santa Rita ©JosepM

Panellet cakes of the Contabandistes Troupe (3rd May) and the Terç de Suavos Troupe (3rd June).

Saint James (1st May): pilgrimage to the chapel and mass, followed by a popular brunch and piñata.

Our Lady of the Forsaken (second Sunday in May): mass in the chapel and procession and popular brunch. Novena.

Saint Rita (22nd May): mass in the monastery at nine in the morning, and the blessing of roses.

Processó Corpus ©Blai Vanyó

Fiesta of Cholera (varying Sunday): pilgrimage to the Holy Christ Chapel, and thanksgiving mass celebrating the recovery from the cholera epidemic in 1885.

Fiesta of the Church Board: over the weekend a wide variety of sports’ activities, exhibitions and other events are celebrated…

Corpus Christi (varying Sunday): this is a special day when children who have participated in the First Communion play an important role in the celebrations. Solemn mass and procession.

Sacred Heart of Jesus (Friday after Corpus Christi Sunday): mass and procession.

Processó Corpus ©Blai Vanyó
Festa de Sant Antoni de Pàdua

Saint Anthony of Padua (Sunday closest to 13th June): a traditional craft fair with local products is held in the small wood next to the chapel. On the Sunday the saint is honoured with a mass and a procession.

Saint John the Baptist (24th June): on the previous Sunday there is a mass in the Parish Church and a procession in the neighbourhood with the statue of the saint. On the night before 24th there is a local street party picnic supper held in the open air beside the chapel. Mass is celebrated on the day of Saint John.

Processó Sant Joan ©Blai Vanyó


Processó del Carmen ©Blai Vanyó

Panellet cakes of the Estudiants Troupe (3rd July)

Our Lady of Carmen (16th July): over the nine previous days novena is celebrated and on 16th a mass and a procession are held.

Events prior to the fiestas of Saint Augustine (on different weekends in July): acts include the Demanà, theAcapte Collection, the Proclamation of Clavariesas Maidens, and the Fiesta of the Flower.

Saint James the Apostle (25th July): he was the patron saint of Bocairent until the year 1632. A communion is held in the Parish Church.

Panellet cakes of the Saint Blaise Fiestas Committee (last weekend of July and 3rd

August): on the last weekend of July there is a parade of festival-goers. On 3rd August the mass for the panellet is celebrated.

Anniversary of the first mass in the Chapel of the Holy Christ (10th August 1536): supper in the chapel and afterwards a mass on 10th August.

Our Lady of August (second weekend in August): on the Saturday night there is a local street party picnic supper held in the open air, and on Sunday there is a mass and procession around the neighbourhood. Novena.

Fiesta of the Assumption of Our Lady, the namesake of the Parish Church (15th August): mass and procession.

Assumpció de Nostra Senyora ©Blai Vanyó

Fiestas of Saint Augustine

Between 15th and 21st August there are dances held in various streets around the town. On 22nd August a cavalcade is held, and starting at eleven o’clock at night between 23rd and 27th August there are dances performed in the main town square. On 28th August there is a mass in the monastery in honour of Saint Augustine, a firework display and a procession. Over the previous nine days there are novenas.


Panellet cakes of the Moros Vells Troupe (3rd September) and the Marrocs Troupe (3rd October).

La Despertà Reveille (second Sunday in September): from half past five in the morning medieval songs in honour of the Divine Aurora are sung around the streets of the town.

Our Lady of Sorrows in the Monastery (15th September): communion.

Fiesta of the Three Lights (third Sunday in September): commemoration with a pilgrimage and a mass celebrating the appearance of the three lights in 1536 and the construction of the Holy Christ Chapel.

Saint Thomas of Villanueva (10th October): mass in the monastery.

Our Lady of Pilar (12th October): mass in the Parish Church.


All Souls (1st and 2nd November): these are days when people visit the parish cemetery in order to remember their deceased friends and family members.

Panellet cakes of the Moros Marins Troupe (3rd November) and the Mosqueters Troupe (3rd December).

Saint Cecilia: the patron saint of music is honoured with bands performing musical events over various weekends.

Saint Barbara (first Sunday in December): mass and brunch beside the chapel.

Immaculate Conception of Mary, patron saint of Bocairent (8th December): solemn main mass.

Advent and Christmas: on the evening of Christmas Eve children go from house to house singing carols, and later a Midnight Mass is held. On the fourth Sunday of Advent the Desbandà is celebrated.