Parish Museum

The Parish Museum contains one of the best collections of religious art in the Valencian region (its permanent collection has received official acknowledgement from the regional authorities). It includes artworks by Juan de Juanes, Joaquín Sorolla, the Maestro of Borbotó, Ribalta, Segrelles, Mariano Benlliure, Cristóbal Llorenç, Gaspar Requena, Blas Silvestre… The museum also provides an outstanding occasion for art lovers to enjoy the important collection of precious metalwork, textiles, pottery and other noteworthy objects. It has recently been refurbished thanks to the support of the Valencian Light of Images Foundation.


Decorating the ceiling are works by the local Bocairent painter Blas Silvestre. One of the most outstanding pieces on display is the banner of Saint Blaise painted by Joaquín Sorolla in 1902. You can also observe the 15th century work Our Lady of Good Health attributed to the Maestro Cabanes and Nicolás Falcó. Amongst the noteworthy objects on display are the 18th century plateresque style Lignum Crucis, the rain cape and the chalice of Saint Juan de Ribera attributed to the Florentine sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, the 15th century gothic cassock, and the Book of Privileges from the Royal Cloth Factory, which was endowed to Bocairent by Phillip II in 1587..


You will find a marvellous collection of paintings, sculptures and pottery stretching from the 14th century up to the 20th century filling a total of seven differently distributed rooms. Outstanding artworks include the standard of Saint Louis Gonzaga by Segrelles, the altarpiece of Santiago painted by Gaspar Requena, a pupil of Juan de Juanes, the Last Supper by the Maestro de Borbotó, Our Lady of Pilar by Antonio Palomino, and the Recumbent Christ by Mariano Benlliure… In the upper section you will find a wonderful collection of 15thcentury Valencian pottery and a space given over to the work of the local artist Blas Silvestre, from where it is also possible to observe the church’s vaulting.

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©Blai Vanyó
©Blai Vanyó