Museum of Trades and Customs

The Museum of Trades and Customs of Bocairent (MOCB), is an ethnological museum located in the precinct pertaining to the Parish Museum. The building has recently been restored and within its walls it holds a fascinating ethnological collection structured around four areas:

The textile industry

This has been the main industrial activity throughout Bocairent’s history. Displays include hand-looms, machinery used in blanket manufacturing, documentation, photographs of the process of blanket-making…

Country and mountain

This section is dedicated to the trades and customs belonging to the farms, the farmers and the economic activities that developed in the Sierra of Mariola: the lumberjacks, the production of honey, the annual pig slaughter, the world of cereals, wine and olive oil…

Local customs and traditions in Bocairent

Leisure, popular neighbourhood fiestas centred on the local chapels, traditions, printing presses, photography… In this section you can find one of the seven “giant heads” (the Teacher) used in the summer fiestas of Saint Augustine, along with two examples of the traditional dresses used in Bocairent (one belonging to a man and the other to a woman).

School and the Church Board

This section deals with education in Bocairent by way of old photos, popular toys and games, a reconstruction of a classroom, and references to the Church Board in its educational role in Bocairent over more than one hundred years… Each subject area is complimented by information panels (in Valencian and Spanish) with each object clearly identified by name, use and origin. Moreover, popular sayings are displayed on the walls to accompany the visit around the museum. The majority of objects on display have been donated or loaned by local individuals, families and businesses from Bocairent.

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